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Publicado el 10 Noviembre 2023

The Public Ministry of Guatemala (MP) participates in meeting to address the problem of irregular migration flows and threats related to the security of the nation in migration matters

The Anti-Corruption Secretary, Mr. Estuardo Ávila, the Secretary of International Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Eduardo Mejía Calito, the Section Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office against Illicit Migrant Smuggling, Cindy Gloria Euler, the Section Prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. Raúl Figueroa and the Deputy Section Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office against Transnational Crimes, Mr. Vicente Raúl Pérez, participated in an inter-institutional working meeting.

At the meeting, the Public Ministry, as well as other participating institutions, presented a report that contains the problem of irregular migratory flows and threats related to the security of the nation in migration matters.


The report presented by the Public Ministry is in reference to the criminal phenomenon of smuggling of migrants, a complex human and social phenomenon of a transnational nature, which refers to criminal behavior that can occur in the context of migration.


The report addresses the issue to better understand the context in which such criminal behavior takes place. The information provided encloses crimes of smuggling of migrants registered during the period from October 31, 2019 to July 31, 2023, among which the following stand out:


• Managed cases 245

• Accusations 74

• Sentences 28

• Convictions 33

• Vehicle seizures 38

• Rescued migrants 1,273

• People apprehended 162


Representatives of the Judicial Branch, Human Rights Prosecutor’s Office, Procurator-General of the Nation, Ministry of National Defense, Ports Division, Airports and Border Protection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Directorate of Investigation of the Ministry of the Interior and the Secretariat of Strategic Intelligence of the State, also participated in the meeting.



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